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All of our tours can be booked by calling our office at 613 932-3707 ext 703, or emailing [email protected].


How long is the tour?

A tour takes approximately an hour

Are there areas that the tour doesn’t visit?

Visitors will not be able to enter tenants’ suites, however, the tour does include furnished showrooms and common areas including our extensive Activity floor.

Who leads the tour?

A Riverdale Terrace Management Team Member

How often are tours given?

Tours are pre-booked to accommodate the tour leader and visiting guests’ schedules.

Are they one-on-one tours or group tours?

Tours are one on one with time for personal discussion.

Are there mobility concerns that should be considered?

No, our facility accommodates all mobility needs

How long in advance should they book the tour?

If possible, pre-book a few days in advance

What happens if they have to reschedule?

Please call or email to reschedule and another appointment can be booked

Do they need to bring anything with them?

Visiting tour guests do not need to bring anything. Information pamphlets are provided to take home

A community filled with smiles, happy times, and fond memories.

Our Residents enjoy a community lifestyle filled with activities, games and laughs.

With a large number of onsite amenities, activities and games, our residents benefit greatly from our community-focused lifestyle.