COVID-19 Information

During the current Covid 19 pandemic, the safety of our residents has been our number one priority. We encourage residents and their caregivers take precaution when entering our home.

If you plan to take your family member out of the facility for an essential appointment or social visit please call ahead to inform us of their plans.

Pre-authorized essential caregivers have access to our home, however all other general visitors must pre-book either an indoor or outdoor visit through our Activity Director at 613-932-3707 ext 710

For any other questions regarding COVID policies please call 613-932-3707 ext 701 to speak with our Executive Director.

To apply to be an Essential Caregiver for a resident(s) please follow the below guidelines.

Essential Caregiver Registration

Residents are entitled to Essential Caregivers to provide care and support. If during an outbreak, Essential Caregivers may still access the resident and their suite, if wearing the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Registration for Essential Caregiver Status can be submitted to the Executive Director via email ([email protected]). Applications include the caregiver form, liability waiver and safety review, found below in the following links. Applicants must also watch the Public Health videos linked at the bottom of this page.

Caregiver form

Liability waiver

Safety Review (videos below)

COVID 19 ESSENTIAL CAREGIVER / VISITOR  safety review requirements:

Prior to visiting any resident for the first time, and at least once every month thereafter visitors must review the following:

1. Read/re-read the following documents:
Riverdale Terrace visitor policy
– Public Health Ontario’s document entitled Recommended Steps: Putting on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
2.  Watch/Re-watch the following Public Health Ontario videos:
Putting on Full Personal Protective Equipment
Taking off Full Personal Protective Equipment
How to Hand Wash

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